March 7, 2018

Kinder Breakfast Bunch

I had a group of kinder friends that were not the best at being nice to others just yet. They hadn’t quite grasped that their actions are powerful and can leave a negative impact if they are not considerate of other people’s feelings.

I started a breakfast bunch with this group and it went fantastic. 
They loved playing our card sort games while they ate breakfast and I saw such a change in their behavior. They are really great kids; just needed a bit of guiding to be shown that what they do impacts others, both positively and negatively.  

We met six times, the first time we established group norms and expectations while getting to know each other a bit better. It was really cute watching them create rules for their group and listening to them discuss which rules were truly needed.

The next two times we met, we played our carrot card sort. I made the holders out of paper bags and laminated all the cards because kinder kids are always sticky!
They thought it was absolutely hilarious to feed the rabbits carrots. They giggled as they talked about how hungry the rabbits must be. Towards the end of the game, one little girl said, “Aren’t these rabbits full already?! He is going to get a tummy ache!” seriously, so cute.
The next two times we met, we played the good citizen sort game. It is made the same way with paper bags and laminated cards.
I did not laminate this set before we played and it was a terrible decision. By the end, all of my cards were bent, stained and sticky.
The kids loved it, they really like being able to decide which container the cards went it. “You’re good! You were bad!” they giggled as they thought about the described actions. The words on the cards were a bit too high level for my kinders so I read the cards to them and let them decide where it went.
The last time we met, we discussed what we learned about good choices and good behaviors. We came up with a plan for how they were going to be good people who look out for others in the future. It is amazing how much of a difference you can see in a kid once they realize the way they have been behaving, is not the best.

Download your own copy of the Carrot Card Sort Game.
Download your own copy of the Citizenship Packet.

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