September 30, 2017

Friendship Fence (Buddy Bench on a Budget)

For most students, recess is the best part of their day. After sitting and thinking all day, they are finally able to run free and unstructured. They love the care free wiggle time where they can focus on being a kid and enjoy playing with their friends.

Some students aren’t as lucky. They do not see recess as a whirlwind of fun, they see it as a source of stress and anxiety. They may not have anyone to play with and do not know how to ask people if they can join in the games.

Do you have students who are having issues making friends at recess? Do you see kids who want to be included but do not know how to make the first move? A friendship fence may be perfect for you!

It is so easy to create a friendship fence. Print the signs, laminate and attach to a fence. Presto you now have your very own friendship fence! Students who do not have anyone to play with can now stand by the signs signaling to other students that they need a friend to play with. Kids will see them standing there and then will (hopefully) come up and ask them to join in on the fun. Think of it as a buddy bench on a budget!

My students are having so much more fun at recess now that we have a friendship fence. I have only been able to put up one so far because of Hurricane Irma and the flooding we have been having here in southwest Florida. I plan to put up four more so that there is one at all of our recess zones. Stay tuned for more pictures and updates on how my friendship fences are doing!

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