August 29, 2017

Career Countdown 2016

It can be difficult to get our little of students thinking about careers. Adulthood and job choices are so far away for elementary school students. 

We have to take the opportunity while they are young to get kids thinking about what they like and what their interests may lead to. They need to be challenged to think about what qualities make for a good employee. We’ve got to get them thinking about their futures. My kids deserve to be exposed to this information. Who knows what it might inspire.

I wanted to make thinking about careers interactive and fun. I also wanted to get the most bang for my buck and reach as many kids as possible. I enlisted the help of a very good friend of mine, who is amazing at bulletin boards, to make this top 12 careers of 2016 bulletin board for me. I plan to ask her to pretty please work her magic on another countdown after Christmas break for the top 12 careers of 2017.

We do a school wide weekly career countdown. Every Thursday I send the next career out to the teachers. My hope is that they will take 5-10 minutes on Friday to talk about that career. I hope that by the teacher creating an open forum for discussion students will ask questions and think about careers in ways they had not before.  

Here’s where we are in the countdown so far.

I’ll keep you posted!

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