March 8, 2017

Worry Flipbook

Students are filled with worry and stress this time of year due to end of the school year demands and test success pressure. Now more than ever they need help with anxiety and worry. Students have been showing up in my office left and right with complaints about worry. It is nice to have a quick to make activity on hand to help them work through their worry and get back to learning.

This flipbook is perfect for just that. All together it takes about a minute to make. I double side print it on colorful paper (make sure to set your printer to flip on the SHORT side or else it won’t print correctly), line up the pages, fold the pages over and staple them together. 

Just like that, your flipbook is ready for use.

It came in handy this week when a little girl and her male best friend came to my office. She was in tears about have to take the FSA (state test in Florida). He was trying hard to make her feel better, but he himself was pretty nervous about the test too. 
I immediately thought of this book.

As we worked through it together, they realized they were also pretty worried about their friendships. They both didn’t really know how to talk to others and make new friends. It broke my heart when I saw them draw these. 

They explained that they didn’t know how to talk to other people. They said they like each other but wanted new friends but didn’t know how to make them. This was great information for me to find out because I now knew that if they learned some social skills surrounding friendship some of their extra anxiety would dissipate. I planned to meet with them the next week to help tackle that issue.

For today, we just tackled their FSA worries since that was the reason they came in and was the most pressing issue at the time. This flipbook had them explore what exactly worry means, identify their worry, recognize and explain how worry makes them feel, ways to take control of their worry, ways to manage worry and what strategies to control their worry may work best for them. 

They seemed to feel much better when we were done working through it together. She decided she was going to utilize the “write it out” strategy when she was worried. She said she was going to write down her problems and let them be the paper’s problem. He really liked the visualization technique and was going to picture himself on a beach with his family acing the test.

It really makes me happy when I can help little ones cope with their big emotions.

You can download this activity by clicking HERE.

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