March 26, 2017

Girl's Group (Interactive Book)

At least three times a week I get complaints about the dreaded girl drama. It never fails. Girls these days are mean to each other. Sometimes it’s on purpose, sometimes it is on accident. Whether it be unintentional or malicious, in every grade level grades 2-5, there are multiple students guilty of this girl on girl drama.

It may sound silly. You may be thinking, “They’re so young! Just tell them to get over it.” While it may be true that some of the drama and reasons for the fighting are absolutely ridiculous, right now that’s their whole world and their main focus. These girl drama problems mean a lot to them in the moment and can leave lasting damage. It can also take away from their learning and cause classroom wide issues.

I decided that I had enough of the inflow of young girls running to my office in tears because someone was being a fake friend to them, or a “frenemy” as they called it. I decided that maybe I could help them realize how painful their actions were to the people they call their friends.

I started different variations of Girl’s Groups throughout second-fifth grades (I tried it with first but it was a little over their heads). The length of the group depended on the needs of the group and severity of their issues/drama. There are ten possible sessions, I mixed and match and skipped sessions as needed to create different versions of this interactive Friendship Book to fit each groups unique needs. Below is an outline of a group I did utilizing the full ten sessions, creating the full Friendship Book:

Session #1: Group Intro

Session #2: What is a Friend or Frenemy?

Session #3: Quality Sorts

Session #4: Situation Sorts

Session #5: Questionable Friendships

Session #6: Healthy Friendships

Session #7: How to Deal

Session #8: Role-playing Friendships

Session #9: Letter Writing

Session #10: Self Reflection

In the end the girls have a clear understanding of behaviors of a good friend, how to avoid being a frenemy, how to handle a frenemy and how to respectfully break up with a friend who isn’t the best for you.

I’ve seen a major decrease in drama in the groups that I’ve had create this book.

You can download your own copy HERE.

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