January 24, 2017

Respect vs. Disrespect

Some classes have occasional bouts of disrespect for one another. This can cause drama and distract from their ability to learn. When a teacher told me she had quite a few students who were guilty of disrespect towards one another, I knew exactly how to take action.

I only had twenty minutes so I did a condensed version of my Respect vs. Disrespect lesson. I started by asking the class what respect and disrespect each mean. It led to a really open discussion, I made sure that no names or identifying information was given in front of everyone. This gave me really great insight into some of the classroom issues they are dealing with and students I should probably pull into a small group for some individualized attention on the subject.

After a great discussion, I put this poster up on the overhead projector and we talked about what it means to make people feel like they can fly or to rain on their parade.
I then passed out a situation card to each of the students. 
We then utilized the stand up, hands up, pair up method to get them to find a partner and talk about what was written on each of their cards. 

We did four or five partner switch rotations and then I sent them back to their seats. 
We shared as a group what we learned during the card switch activity and then they completed an activity sheet in pairs. 
Overall, I think it was a pretty productive twenty minutes J

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