January 21, 2017

Out of This World Goals

I like challenging students to think about their future. What better way to do that than to set some out of this world goals!!! For January guidance lessons with third grade we set realistic and obtainable goals in a fun crafty way! 
Students at this level hardly ever get to cut, paste and color. They were over the moon excited and incredibly engaged.
After a brief discussion of what goals are and why we set them, we went through the activity sheet as a class, one question at a time. We skipped the self-portrait drawing in the beginning and saved it for the end, some kids get really into it and we run into the risk of not accomplishing much else.  Once our “bodies” were complete, I passed out the alien parts and let them get their craft on!
It was a blast watching them get creative and have some fun as they set new goals for the New Year. 
Suggestions for this activity:
Let the teacher know ahead of time that students will need scissors and glue and make sure you have at least 25-30 minutes with each class. 
It is really such a fun activity that kids love. 
They also love to put their spin on it. This kid made his alien "dab"
Download your own copy of the New Year New Goals Activity Pack HERE 
Check out with I did with my fourth and fifth graders HERE

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