January 21, 2017

Giraffes Can't Dance

Have you ever had a lesson work just like you wanted and planned for it to? One of those lessons you seriously nailed. The kids got it. They were engaged. They were making deep learning connections and you felt like such a BOSS.

It doesn’t happen often and it’s the stuff that dreams are made of, so I’m going to pat myself on the back that it happened today.

Have I mentioned that I really have grown to enjoy teaching kindergarten? I’ve come a long way since my first disaster of a kinder guidance lesson. I mean I was kind of setting myself up for disaster taking on kinder with limited teaching experience for 50 long minutes right after recess and right before lunch. I am now a confident kinder presenter at this point in the school year. I’ve gained control and know how to reign all of their energy and excitement back in. With this new found confidence, I decided to tackle the ultimate in kinder activities, the craftivity.
We read the book “Giraffes can’t dance” together and talked about how sometimes it seems like we can’t do something but really it just takes time and practice. We broke off into a discussion of how everyone is different, just like the giraffe and his wobbly legs. Just because we’re different doesn’t mean we aren’t all awesome! He was able to dance once he found the right music for him. They were fascinated by this wobbly giraffe who figured out how to dance in the moonlight.

We then made our own wobbly legged dancing giraffes. I found a free template online by googling "giraffe cut and glue" and I have to tell you, the kids loved it. We did it step by step together as a group. It took forever, which is perfect because I seriously have a forever amount of time to fill with these babies.
We took advantage of every learning opportunity possible and these kids nailed the concepts I was trying to teach.

Kid #1: “My giraffe doesn’t look like hers!”
Kid #2: “That’s good! How boring would it all be if we were the same?”
Other kid #1: “I messed up and cut off his ear!”
Other kid #2: “That’s okay! He can be a little different and have one ear!”

I don’t think I’ve ever been prouder. 

I found this cut and glue activity (I adapted it a bit) for free here!

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