December 30, 2016

Quiz, Quiz, Trade Bully Cards

Are you conducting a classroom guidance lesson or have a need in your class to discuss Bullying Prevention? Need an intro activity? An icebreaker? A pretest/posttest? Look no further! These fun, colorful, Quiz, Quiz, Trade Cards are perfect to help start the discussion about recognizing bullying and how it can be prevented at school.
I start this lesson by giving students the pretest. I like to look at the data to get an idea of what they already know so I have a plan of which concepts I need to hit the hardest.
After all students complete the pretest, we play the Quiz, Quiz, Trade game. I create the cards at home so that they can be super colorful and visually appealing. I print two copies of the double-sided 8x10 cards on cardstock, creating 26 cards total. The idea is that then I have enough for one card per student, I dislike greatly when students are left out. I use tan or off-white cardstock paper so the cards aren't transparent (it’s no fun if they can see the answers through the paper). I then laminate the cards for extra durability.

I pass out and provide a card to every student. One side of the card has a question, the other side has the highlighted answer. I tell them to hold the highlighted answer towards themselves so others can’t sneak a peek at the answers.
We then use the stand up, hands up, pair up method for all students to quickly and easily find a partner. All students stand up, put one hand up in the air and find a partner who also has their hand in the air. Once the two find each other, they par up and put their hands down. Students still looking for a partner look around the room for someone with a hand up in the air.

They then quiz/quiz/trade with each other. Partner A holds up their flash card and shows Partner B their question. Partner B responds with an answer to the question. Partner A congratulates them if they are correct and coaches if incorrect. They then switch roles and Partner B asks Partner A the question written on their card.
 Partner A answers the question and Partner B congratulates them if they answer correctly and coaches if they answer incorrectly.
When both students finish asking and answer each of their questions, the two students high five each other and switch cards. Partner A and B then both raise their hands and move about the room to find a new partner (hands up/pair up). Once they link up with someone new, they repeat the process.

After a set amount of time (however much is allotted for in the given timeframe), we discuss the questions as a group and answer any student questions and/or concerns.

To end this brief lesson, we complete the same pretest that we took as a posttest to gauge their learning (either I give out right then or the teacher does at a later time period). 
Download your own copy of Quiz,Quiz,Trade Cards HERE! 

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