December 30, 2016

How Could You Be Super?

“How Could You Be Super” teaches students that in the everyday situations they encounter, they can be super helpful. Students may not realize how powerful they are and just how much of an impact they can have on others if they lend a helping hand. I want to teach students to be helpful, kind citizens who will do what is necessary to help out their fellow human. I play this game with my little ones in an attempt to do just that.

I use these posters to open their minds to the possibility of being super. It really gets the conversation started and is a great introduction to the topic.  
Once we’re ready, we play with the situation cards. I place them upside down in a pile and one by one we pick a card, read it out loud and discuss it.
A few examples of the situation cards include:
"Someone doesn’t understand the lesson. You do. What could you do to help?"
"Someone dropped all their supplies on the floor. They are embarrassed and are trying to quickly pick everything up. What could you do in this situation to be super?"
I love it because this resource allows them to think about just how super they really are. Not only does it teach them to help others, it empowers them to believe they can be great if they simply try. At the end of this activity, students will better understand how they can be super in their everyday lives. 

Download your own copy of How Could You Be Super HERE! 

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