September 24, 2016

Heart Shields

I love this icebreaker activity. If I have a group that could get into some pretty emotional, big emotions for my little ones, I like to give them a shield to hide behind. It’s kind of like a security blankie, only not flammable and allowed at school.

I had someone do this activity with me at a training and it really did make me feel more comfortable. I drew my safe spot at home with my husband and two pups. It started our time together on a happy note as I had what I love most fresh on my mind. 
If it works on big people, it’s sure to be a hit with little people.

I ask them to imagine where they feel the safest, or who they feel the safest with. They then draw that safety net scene on the back of a paper plate. When they are done, we hole punch it and loop some string through the holes to create a necklace. We then put it on and cover/protect our hearts. 

It’s a really cool activity that not only breaks the ice, but allows you to get to know your student much better without them even needing to say a word. 

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