October 8, 2016

Good Choice vs. Poor Choice Carrot Sort

This “Good Choice vs. Poor Choice Carrot Card Sortis an interactive game that is the perfect way to teach Kindergarten through Second grade students to identify the differences between good and poor choices. 
Once the cards are printed, laminated and cut apart, I pick a set amount of cards, based on time and ability, from the 72 available cards and put them upside down in a pile. I then have the student(s) pick one card at a time, read it out loud and based on if they think the situation is a good choice or a poor choice, they "feed" the card to the properly labeled rabbit.
These poster can help those students who struggle with these concepts learn the differences between their two choices.
I use the feelings charts to start the discussion about how these situations make them and/or others feel to really expand upon the effects of their actions.
It’s really amazing how much they can learn when giving some individual attention and guidance. 

Download your own copy of The Carrot Sort Game HERE! 

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