December 30, 2016

Anger Monsters

Anger groups are one of my favorite groups to run. I like to see a student go from feeling like they have no control of their emotions to implementing strategies that I’ve taught them and becoming a calmer person. The ability to calm oneself equals control of oneself. I like being the one that gives students the tools to create the calm.

In my anger groups I usually work through an anger booklet over four or five sessions together. We dig deep and really work with the information so students feel like they know what to do with what they’ve learned.
As a follow up activity that’s just fun and doesn’t require as much deep thought, or as a clam down activity for a kid in distress, I utilize Anger Monsters. I appreciate how versatile they are and how I can pick different templates based on student ability.
Sometimes a student just needs to calm down while building a monster and coloring for a bit before they are able to clearly express what made them so angry. 
This is designed for just that. 
It’s remarkable the impact that coloring can have on an angry student who is currently losing their mind. This is my secret weapon for kids like that.

Download your own copy of Anger Monsters HERE!
Download your own copy of Anger Workbook HERE! 

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  1. I don't see the page with the picesfor making he angry monster.