June 1, 2016

Anger Group-Certificate of Completion

I wanted to close out my small group with my angry little second grade boys in a way that was really special and meaningful. I wanted them to be proud of their accomplishments and recognize how far they had come in a few short weeks.

So I googled award templates and this adorable border template popped up. I immediately downloaded the awards, did some quick modifying to make a SWAG Award that fit my needs and with the click of the print button, these recognitions of their achievements were created. It took less than 10 minutes, totally worth it. I laminated the sheets for durability (or else they’d be ripped before the kids got on the bus) and was off to deliver my awards to my little cuties.

I was giddy as I read the written words and thanked them for coming and participating in my group. The award I created said:

You've Got
Students Who Achieve Greatness

This SWAG Award is presented to
(student name)
on this day, May 3, 2016, for having shown great SWAG 
in completion of our Social Skills Group. 

Thank you for your great work!
<3 Mrs. Bell
The part I changed from the original came right after the student's name. The original stated, "On this day, 3 May 2016, For Completing this Course. Congratulations."

I had a mini celebration of their success with each of them for a few minutes outside their classroom as I presented them with their award. I seriously do not know who was more excited, me to give the awards or the students to receive the awards.

I loved seeing the light in their eyes. I did not realize how much the group meant to them, how much they looked forward to coming. Those smiles breaking clear across their whole face made all the chaos that was our boys group so completely worth it.

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