April 7, 2016

Discussing Emotions, the Foldable!!!

I had a little boy tell me he wanted to talk about his emotions in a fun way. I happen to know that he was a big fan of foldables. With that, bam!  this idea was born. 

He's not a very talkative guy so I had to pull out some tricks to get him to open up. I had him roll the "Roll and Describe" Cube and describe the emotion he landed on. If he landed on the same emotion again, I had him tell a story about a time he felt that emotion. 

Boy did I get to know him better!

Then we turned to using the foldable. After he drew his self-portrait, he lifted each of the flaps of the foldable and wrote or drew out his answers to the printed questions. This was such a simple way to get him talking. It started the conversation about how he currently handles his emotions and I got to know him better. What more could I ask for?!

Assembly took about three minutes. 

I printed the one of the five templates I wanted to use with him. 

I cut out the border, folded where directed and then cut slits to make the flaps. 

Easy peazy!

It was so effective and EASY!!!!

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