March 14, 2016

Will You Help Flip the Turtle?

I don’t know about your young students, but some of my little ones do not realize how powerful they could be. They do not understand that small, helpful actions can have a long lasting, meaningful impact. I want my students to see that little actions can make big changes. I want them to see that they can make a difference. I use "Will You Help Flip the Turtle" to teach just that.

Will You Help Flip the Turtle includes 63 unique Situation Cards and three blank templates for you to create your own situation cards.

Here’s how I use this resource:

First, I print, laminate and cut the cards apart to separate. After that I’m ready to use these for guidance lessons, small group activities, with individuals or part of a classroom activity.

To introduce the game to students, I show students one of these two video clips that show turtles lending other turtles who are on their backs a helpful flip.


I in no way own or am affiliated with these two videos. I simply searched “turtles flipping each other over” on YouTube and found these quick and cute videos of turtles offering each other a helpful flip. If you need to waste some time and want to see some adorable videos, I highly suggest you search the same.

I then explain to students that just like the turtle in the videos, we all need a helping hand once in a while. These turtles helped out their friends in their time of need, when it came down to it, they flipped the turtle.

I then challenge students to think about if they would do the same. Would they offer a “helpful flip” to someone who needed it? How can they “flip the turtle” in their life? How could they help someone in need?

It really gets a person thinking.

Then I encourage students to think about how they would respond to common situations they encounter frequently from a different angle. I do this by playing the Flip the Turtle Game! I place all 63 Situation Cards face down on table. One at a time, students come up and pick a card. Depending on the grade level, I/they read the scenario out loud and then answers the “how could you help” question.

Questions include make students answer questions such as:
Someone spills their crayons all over the floor. What could you do to help?
You see him steal something form the teacher’s desk. What could you do to help the situation?
You see someone left water running in the bathroom. What could you do to help the situation?
A classmate is crying. They seem really upset. How could you help the situation?
You find a spider in the hallway. What could you do about this?
Someone steals a classmate’s food during lunch. How could you
help the situation?

These days, too many people stand by and let negative things happen. I want my students to stand up and lend a helping hand when another human needs it. I think this resource can help with that.

How do you teach your little ones to offer a helping a helping hand? Comment or message me! :)

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