July 31, 2016

Behavior Cards

I was at a seminar and the person sitting next to me kept sharing their opinions with me while the speaker was presenting. After quite a few minutes of her talking while the teacher was talking, the presenter put an upside down paper on the table in front of her. She turned it over and it read, “Is what you are doing right now helping you learn this information?” She didn’t say another word. 

I thought if a simple statement could silence an adult, it had to work wonders on students. As a School Counselor, I need a few tricks up my sleeve to help me manage classroom behaviors during my guidance lessons. When students are off task or misbehaving, I like to drop the appropriate card off at their desk. It is an easy way to let students know they need to modify their behavior without drawing attention to the situation or disrupting learning time. 

In an effort to not only point out what they are doing wrong, but to also praise students when they are meeting expectations, I use the motivational cards for extra encouragement. I especially like to use these with the students I see frequently in the front office. The impact a compliment can have is amazing. It's a great way to further build our rapport without singling anyone out. 

I printed the cards on cardstock and then laminated the pages. I cut the pages to separate the cards and as easy as that, they are ready for use. I keep them in a little container in a super convenient area that is easily accessible during lessons. Whenever necessary and appropriate, I discreetly place the card, upside down, on the student’s desk as I pass by. If you want the cards back, after you've seen that they've read it, if they left the card somewhere on their desk, pass by again and discreetly take it back. 

It works wonders. 

I personally like to let students keep the motivational cards. You never know the impact one little card could have. If they want to keep it, cherish it, look back at it, use it as a reminder, whatever, I want them to be able to.  

I find that the cards lose their effectiveness when I use the same cards over and over again. To solve this issue, I switch out the cards once a month. The new statements and fresh clip art keep the students engaged and maintain the effectiveness of the cards. 

Here is the Behavior Card schedule that I follow:
Behavior Cards - 10 Month Bundle

August Packet
"Back to School"

"Super Students"

"No Tricks Just Treats"

"Thanksgiving Edition"


"New Year, New Goals"

"Spread the Love" 

"Easter Bunnies"

"April Showers Bring May Flowers"

"Summer Is On Its Way"

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What statements do you think would work best with your students? 

What would you like to see written on the cards?

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